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Great Racing At Lehigh

The Red Team loaded the shell trailer up on a cold Friday morning after a great week of training. The destination was Allentown Pennsylvania for the second year of a scrimmage with Lehigh University. While the weather on Saturday was very wet (rainfall during the workout was over 1/2" per hour) the anticipation was high as the Rutgers rigged up and prepared to race. Lehigh has a very competitive crew this year but they were no match for the Rutgers boats.

The Varsity and 2nd Varsity were able to win all 1000 meter pieces of the scrimmage. The 3rd Varsity raced in the 2V race and was able to keep their bow in front of the Lehigh 2V on three of the four pieces.

The 4th Varsity split into 2-4 man shells to be able to compete with the lower boats of Lehigh. The Varsity 4 was able to win every piece easily over the Lehigh 4. The Novice 4 was very competitive on all pieces with the Lehigh, with the Rutgers bow being just out in front on three of the four pieces.

Overall a very successful day of racing for the Red Team!!

This week the crews eagerly prepare for the first official races of the season, which occur this Saturday at Bucknell University.

Upstream Red Team

Great Racing At Lehigh

Dave Specca

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