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Bucknell, UVA, Michigan Recap

Dave Specca

Rutgers Men Traveled to Lewisburg PA to have a double dual race with Bucknell and University of Virginia.
Michigan was also in attendance at the race but was also paired up with Bucknell and UVA so they did not directly race the Rutgers Boats.

The Varsity 8 had 2 very good races this past Saturday, a 2 sec. loss to Virginia in the morning, and a 10 second win vs Bucknell in the afternoon. Virginia beat Michigan in the afternoon by 12 seconds. All these programs are perennial grand finalists in the American College Rowing Association (ACRA) National Championships, so this was a good early test of boat speed!

The lower boats (2V 3V 4V & 5V) have many or are mostly 1st year rowers competing in their first 2k races. The Rutgers Crews had some good races and put out respectable efforts, but were not able to overcome the other, more experienced, crews. The Rutgers boats will have a few good weeks of hard training and with more experience in racing situations, it is unlikely those other crews will get the better of them again later in the season. Early speed from Rutgers freshman always spells trouble for other crews later in the season!

Click here for all official Results:
AM Racing (UVA):
PM Racing (Bucknell):

The crews now get ready for a wet week of training before traveling to Overpeck Park to race Columbia for the Collins Cup

Upstream Red Team!

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