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George Washington Invite Recap

Dave Specca

The tough spring conditions continued this weekend for the men of Rutgers Crew. The Crew traveled to Washington DC to race on the Potomac River against ACRA rivals Minnesota, University of Virginia, Bucknell, University of North Carolina, George Washington, University of Delaware and Washington State University. With strong winds out of the West the Potomac was very rough especially under the Key Bridge at 1250 into the race and in the final 300 meters of the race course. Rutgers Raced Minnesota on Friday afternoon in these very challenging and quick conditions. The Varsity had a tough start to their race and came up short despite a strong second half of the race. The 2nd Varsity was ahead with a few hundred meters to go but a very strong sprint from Minnesota caught the crew off guard and they were not able to respond quite enough, losing to the mid-west crew by 0.7 seconds. The 3rd Varsity had a similar race to the 2nd Varsity and however they were able to respond better to the late charge from Minnesota and keep their bow in front, although just barely with a margin of also 0.7 seconds! The 4th Varsity had a tremendous race and was able to make up 13 seconds on Bucknell from the last time the two crews raced.

Saturday the Crews returned to the Potomac to find it even rougher than on Friday. Racing was delayed till the afternoon in hopes the wind would shift and the water would become more rowable. Ultimately the wind did not shift and no racing was able to occur Saturday.

Full Results can be found here:

With the reduced number of races the Red Teams goes into this week with a little extra energy to get ready for the last regular season racing at the Kerr Cup. Rutgers will face many of their Dad Vail competition as well as several ACRA schools.

Upstream Red Team

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