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Varsity Makes Grand Final at ACRA, 2V Places 8th

Dave Specca

Rutgers Traveled to Oak Ridge Tennessee this past weekend to compete in the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship. Crews from all over the country were in attendance and the Rutgers boats were fired up to have a great weekend of racing.

The Varsity Started the weekend off by placing 7th in the time trial and automatically advancing to the A/B Semi Final. The 2V had a bit more of a bumpy start but was able to pull out a good race piece and get ready for the A/B semi final in their race as well.

The next day the 2V had a drastic improvement and were able to shave 11 seconds off their previous time and put themselves in a competitive position in the Petite Final on Sunday. The Varsity had a really tough race in their Semi-Final but was able to stay ahead of Minnesota and advance to the Grand Finals improving on last years Petite Finals.

On Sunday the 2V was able to have their best race of the weekend as well as the year and was able to improve an additional 10 seconds on their Semi-Final time, a full 21 seconds faster than their race on Friday. They raced hard though the line to just miss winning the Petite Final. For the final race of the weekend the Varsity was lined up against the fastest crews in the county. It was a blistering race with crews racing above 38 strokes per minute. The Rutgers Varsity gave it their all but was unable to keep up with the pace of the front boats, but were still able to finished 6th in the nation.

You can see all results here:

8th Place for the 2V and 6th for the Varsity are a great result and a huge improvement on last years results!
Everyone is excited for a great summer and we look forward to more improvements at next years Regatta.

To our Seniors, Ed, James, Doug, Kyle and Adam; thanks for all the good times, hard strokes and energy you have put into the team, you will be missed greatly.


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