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Rutgers Wins over Bucknell and Delaware

Dave Specca

In the afternoon of Saturday April 23rd, Rutgers Hosted University of Delaware and Bucknell University at home on the Raritan for the first Home race in over 3 years.  The Novice 8 had a strong start against Bucknell's 3rd Varsity but was unable to hand on to the lead and ultimately fell to the Bison.  The 2V lined up in Lane 2 with the Delaware 2V in Lane 3 and the Bucknell 2V in Lane 1.  After a hard fought Race Rutgers crossed the line second to Bucknell but having made up time on that boat from the previous weekend.  At Slack tide the Varsity Lined up in Lane 1 next to Bucknell in 2 and Delaware in 3.  Bucknell had a strong start but the V8 was able to hand on to them and walk back through them to cross the finish line first!  It was a very similar result to the previous week down in Philadelphia at the Kerr cup and was very close right to the last few strokes (see the picture <<<< to see how close.)  It was a great weekend for all Rutgers Crews.  Thanks to Bucknell and Delaware for making the trip.  

Click Here For full Race Results:

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