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Spring Break and Temple Scrimmage Recap

The Rutgers Crew had a very successful Spring Break. 5 crews of oarsmen (42 oarsman and 6 coxswains) stayed around campus to train twice a day and we gained a lot of speed throughout the week. The nice weather allowed time for hard training in the mornings and focused technical workouts in the afternoons. The top two boats are really starting to develop nice chemistry and boat speed and the lower boats are finally starting to smooth out and find efficiency.

To cap off the week of training the Crew traveled to Philadelphia to have a scrimmage with Temple University. All boats had a day of very competitive racing with some very quick Temple crews. Rutgers boats were able to keep their bows in front for many of the pieces but all crews were trading pieces throughout the workout. Good early season speed was seen in all boats and the competitive workout helped light a fire for intense training as the crew moves into the scrimmage this weekend with Lehigh.

Spring Break and Temple Scrimmage Recap

Dave Specca

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