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Rutgers Fairs Well At Kerr Cup and Stockton Scrimmage

Rutgers Crews had a busy weekend of racing. The Varsity, 2V, 3V and two 4s went to Philadelphia to race in the Kerr Cup. The Varsity had the best results coming in 4th with a strong performance against very strong competition from Drexel, La Salle and St. Joes. The 2V had a strong performance all the way down the course but drew a tough heat and was not able to advance to the finals in the afternoon. The 3V had a great start to their race but lost the rhythm in the later sections of the race and ended up 5th in their event. The Varsity and JV 4s which were made up of oarsmen and coxswains from the 4th 8 had only a few days of practice in the boats but still were able to put out good performances with both boats finishing 4th. The fours will be working in the smaller boats for the next few weeks in preparation for the Dad Vail.

On Sunday the 4th 8 and 5th 8 raced at home in a scrimmage against Stockton University. The workout was very competitive with the Rutgers boats pulling ahead in almost every piece. Lots of good racing from all crews!

Next up is the Dad Vail Regatta on May 10th and 11th. The Crew has a few weekends off from racing as we approach the end of the semester and Exams. Off weeks mean lots of racing pieces and hard training as the crews work to find the last bits of speed for the championship races.

Upstream Red Team

Rutgers Fairs Well At Kerr Cup and Stockton Scrimmage

Dave Specca

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